How to install Rancher 2.5 in Docker Desktop’s bundled Kubernetes cluster.

Rancher Cluster Explorer
  • Tested with Docker Desktop 3.2.2 (Engine 20.10.5) + WSL2 + Kubernetes 1.19.7 in Windows.
  • Tested with Docker Desktop 3.2.2 (Engine 20.10.5) + Kubernetes 1.19.7 in MacOS.
  • Tested with Rancher 2.5.7


  1. Install Docker Desktop. If on Windows use WSL2.
  2. Enable Kubernetes.
  3. Install Nginx Ingress Controller: MacOS, Windows + WSL2. It’s supposed to be installed with Rancher but it didn’t come bundled when I installed Rancher). If you skip this step you wont be able to login to Rancher in step 5.
  4. Install Rancher follow the steps for rancher 2.5 for installations inside of a Kubernetes cluster.
  5. Add “” (without quotes) at the end of your hosts file. Go to in your browser and set up your admin account. (If on Chrome you might need to bypass the ssl certificate error using the right click + “thisisunsafe” approach).
  6. Inside cluster Explorer go to the continuous delivery section.
  7. Change to fleet–local namespace instead of fleet-default. If you don’t see at least one cluster do the next steps (8 - 11). If you see a cluster and cluster group skip steps 8 - 11.
  8. In the cluster explorer select all namespaces and go to to and search for all CustomResourceDefinition items that match "" and bulk delete them.
  9. Go to search installed apps in and click on the three dots menu next to "fleet" and select "Edit/Upgrade"
  10. In the screen that pops up and shows the application info (description, version, etc) Click on "Upgrade" at
  11. Retry step 7. You should now see a cluster in fleet-local. And everything should work ok, including ingress and continuous delivery with “Fleet”.

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